Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Using Etoys, we had to make different races using our drawn cars. The speed of the cars have to be random, so their speed ill change every second. The race I thought was the best was the Great Race.
The great is a race which consists of 4 cars, a timer and the stop, start and restart labels. The aim if this project is to get the 4 cars to race around the track, but the winning car has to be random. If a car finishes the race, the rest of the cars and the clock have to stop.
At first, the race was quite hard to get, and took awhile to finish. It needed a lot of time and work to finish it. Especially setting up the start, stop and reset buttons, you just keep on repeating yourself, getting the scripts from each car took ages. Making the script for the random speed was the step I liked most, because it was the easiest, You only had to make a new script called ‘speed’ and add it to the cars script, add random to the speed script and your done. Other scripts like the turning and stopping when reaching the finish line was confusing and took awhile, because you had to keep finding the right scripts in the other cars.
After a while, I was almost done, I just needed to finish the last car when the USB crashed, and all my work was deleted T_T. So I had to restart my work, BUT then my work didn’t save again, so my work was lost again, and that’s when I gave up.
After a Week or 2, I tried again with my Rage of The Great Race within me, and finished the Great Race this lesson =D. So I’m so proud of myself but lost one mark because my track was circular. So overall, I liked the Great Race challenge, it was challenging and fun.

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