Sunday, August 9, 2009

Guest speaker: Joel Stanley

Today we had a guest speaker named Joel Stanley, Mr Kerr told us Joel will not be talking to us like otherguest speakers, instead, we had to ask him questions and he would respond. So it was pertty weird and funny because everyone sat there, all quiet and thinking bout questions, but after a few minutes, people staretd asking questions. By the end of the double lesson, I learnt interesting stuff about him and what he does.

Joel Stanley works on XO's, he helps test and experiments thigns on the XO's to see if there is any problems or improvements. Joel became a computer engineer because when he was in yr 11, he wen on a tour in different universities and ofund interest in Computer Engineering.

When he graduated, he worked at a place called MIT ( Massachusetts Intitution of Technology).
This where very smart people in technology come to work. The game Guitar Hero started from MIT. Joel and his friends like to go on the net and read neardy web comics called Xcase.

One of the students asked him if he likes linux better or Windows better, and his answer was Linux because he think windows is annoying, and also Linux is free to customize and free download.

About XO's: Joel said that XO's are pretty much shock proof, only 1 in 500 break. He shows us ademonstartion of him dropping his Xo onto the floor, and nothing happened! XO's are built to withstand the heat in some countries. XO are also water proof, crumb proof ( meaning little things like small rocks, dirt or sand can't get into the XO). XO's can connect to the wireless interent because it has little antennas on it, which is located on the little green bars which is to close and open the XO. The antennas also have rubbery outside to protect it if someone drops the XO. Xo is built to consume only aliitle bit of electricity of tehe battery, beacuse in poor countries, the electricity is limited. The part of the XO that consumes most of the electricity is the monitor. This is because it luminates, which takes alot of power.
XO's aren't available to the oublic because the amount of money needed to produce and and market and because he XO was intended for one child in a poor country.

So this is what I found out during that lesson. Interesting fact: Joel Stanley learnt how to touch type from msn.

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  1. Your writing style is very good and you picked up on some facts that others missed, such as joel likes reading nerdy comics

    However, there are lots of typos, spelling mistakes etc. Maybe you should run it through a spell checker before or after publishing?
    This where