Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sugar hacking

Mr Kerr has recently teaching us how to hack 'Sugar'. It's quite hard to understand and difficult to understand at first, but after a practise, hacking sugar became much more easier.

Mr Kerr taught us how to hack into 'Sugar' and change the wallpaper. But, before hacking, we had to make our own picture using html(hyper text markup language) kit. We created the image and saved it as a SVG( scalable Vector Graphic ). I chose to make a flower, it was quite hard to make the petals, but I finished and it looks quite alright. After making the image, I saved it onto MY usb and then opened 'Sugar'. When I first tried, I didnt get the picture, instead, I got an invisible picture as my wallapaper in 'Sugar', so i tried again and again and again. but it never worked, until Mr Kerr offered me some help (such a nice man ><) and got it to work, and the problem was the name file of my image, the name was 'flower.SVg' which didn't work, so mr Kerr changed it to 'flower2.svg' which worked =D I was so happy that it wasn't me who made a mistake in 'Sugar' hacking, it was just the file name. I had great fun learning how to hack into 'Sugar' and wish to learn more, I felt like a real computer pro =D On the way, I picked up some languages in 'Sugar' like 'mv' meant move, 'rm' meant remove, and you must become a super user first, this is done by typing su -l.


  1. it's good how you go into a bit of detail about the problem with your file name, mention some linux commands you have learnt and how you feel about sugar hacking

  2. You write well Captain Awesome. Your flower looks happy. I have heard of sugar and must try it out to see what shapes I can make.

  3. does it change colour? you need to show me or a screenshot

  4. Wwwoooww. This is a great job.
    Greetings from Chile, Southamerica.